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    Combining pie charts with lines from other dataset

    Siebe Bosch

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to combine a dataset that contains water channels (lines) with a dataset that contains observed data (pie charts) on one single map.

      The observed data does not necessarily relate to the channels since it is measured on point locations whereas the channels are lines. I do want to combine both datasets in one map however!


      From the tutorials I learned that I'd need to create a dual axis map, but for some reason I can't figure out how to create it.


      Here's what I did:

      Import two datasets:

      - one with the observed discharges (Origin, Date, latitude, longitude, value)

      - one with the channel data (latitude/longitude/Channel ID/vertex number)


      I created a pie-chart map for the observed discharges by dragging lat and long to rows and columns.

      Then I dragged latitude from the channel dataset next to the latitude from the first dataset. (screendump 3)

      Then I set "Marks" to multiple mark types and changed the type to "line". I dragged the vertex numbers to "Path".


      However: the second map still gives me the data from the first dataset. How do I cause the channel data to appear in the second map?


      Thanks for your help

      Kind regards,

      Siebe Bosch