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    Using a Tableau grouped dimension to blend two data sources

      Hi guys,


      Is it possible to use a Tableau grouped dimension (eg SQL fields Volvo, Audi & Mercedes are grouped into 'General Motors' in Tableau) as a Relationship (matching field) to connect - and therefore blend - two data sources? eg, an excel sheet has the field 'General Motors' but not 'Volvo' 'Audi' and 'Mercedes'.  Adding the additional fields in the excel sheet is not preferable in this instance.


      Many thanks in advance! Its causing me to make no progress on a report I'm trying to build.




      Background (in case this is helpful)


      We have a tableau View on our SQL server which groups all of our related corporate clients into a single field (e.g Volvo, Audi, Mercedes are rolled up into a single field called 'General Motors').


      We then have an excel sheet for sales projections - this data is keyed in on a monthly basis, at the 'General Motors' level only - i.e. it doesn't have the granularity of the SQL data.


      Because our IT development guys have so little time (and our clients change rapidly), we have agreed to use the more granular level of data - Volvo, Audi, Mercedes - and roll it up in Tableau to the 'General Motors' level. This means we can control changes in our reporting without being delayed by IT developers.