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    Filter Union (and Scatter Plots&Oblique Lines&Dual Axis&Custom SQL)

    Dani Schmid


      (sorry for the lengthy description, the attachments illustrate the problem with a test dataset.)

      I have temperature data that is measured as a function of depth in wells. Now, I want to select some of the wells on a map and then plot their data on a scatter plot. So far no problem.


      However, I also want to have bounding lines on the scatter plot that designates the minimum and maximum admissible thermal gradients. These lines are oblique (in the attachment only one line is implemented and in reality they depend on user specified input parameters). This can be achieved by making an artificial well through custom sql  that contains the info for the bounding lines and then making a dual axis plot. So far no problem.


      But: Now I cannot allow for selection of the wells on the map any longer as my artificial well for the bounding lines has no actual location (it should not, where would be put it? somewhere in Alaska, but then we work on data from Norway...). A solution would be to show a filter where one can select the wells from a list and one then always needs to also select that bdry value well. Not very elegant, especially because we have 2000+ wells in the actual dataset and one would always have to make sure that the bdry well is selected. It would be better if one could still select the wells for the plotting on the map and that boundary data well would always be selected too. If there would be an option to have several filters work as Union instead of intersection then that would be solved. But that seems not possible.


      Any hints how that could be achieved?

      Best regards,


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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Dani,


          I'm having trouble understanding exactly what wants to be done. So the Temp_bdry value should remain constant or you want the user to be able to change this? And it should always be a line?



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            Dani Schmid

            Tracy - you are my only hope on this one.


            The problem I would like to solve is that I always need to have the boundary lines plotted, which is not possible if one allows the user to select wells on the map. As soon as one, or several wells are selected the boundary line is gone as I have implemented it as an artificial well (no actual location) through custom sql. As I wrote earlier my actual problem has 2000+ wells and the selection through (CTRL)clicking on the map is crucial.


            Also, in the actual problem there are two boundary lines (min and max permitted) and they are dependent on user specified parameter values, but this is not too relevant here.


            One way I see that could fix my problem is if every well had the information for the boundary line(s). However, I don't know how to write a custom sql statement that adds 2 rows (actually 4 for two boundary lines) to every well. This way a single well would have the info required for the boundary line plotting. Since all wells would have the same boundary info it would also work for many selected wells, the boundary lines would simply plot on top of each other. Again, I don't know how to do that.


            Best regards,