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    Need assistance in building a quantity ordered VS quantity shipped visualization


      Hello esteemed tableau users,


      I am having trouble placing quantity ordered and quantity shipped on a viz. I have sales information with order number (serial number), Ship_date, Order_Date, Qty_Ordered, and Qty_Shipped.


      For an order number, I want to show number ordered on the day it was ordered, and quantity shipped on the ship day. The problem i am having is that when i use one date value, say order date in this case, the qty_shipped coincides with the order date, instead of the ship date.


      I tried using a calculation to select Order_date or ship_Date based on if Qty_Ordered or Qty_shipped is selected but i get an error message saying that If statements require boolean expressions. So tried "If Order_Date != Ship_Date then Ship_Date else Order_Date end" but that didnt work either.


      Is there an easy fix for this? Do I need to create a 3rd date field that is neutral and use that to base my ship_dates/Order_Date selection?