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    Linking to files, images, workbooks dynamically

    Ralph Lindenfeld



      We have the need to show a deeper level of data, which may or may not be another worksheet (which will not contain joined data- so filtering won't work), or a static image of a PPT slide, by clicking on a given KPI (attached workbook, Dashboard1, colored block.


      I figured out how to make all of the color blocks link to a separate worksheet (functionality as it currently stands), but not how to make this linking conditional, based on the field value.





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          Andy Piper



          I've downloaded your workbook, but am not quite sure what it is you are trying to accomplish. If you are you trying to pass a URL to the Web Page object on Dashboard 2 then take a look at the attached workbook in Dashboard 3. I've combined the KPI, Map and Web Page objects on one dashboard. When clicking on a value in the table, the web page object becomes populated with a Google search based on the L1 value.


          If this is not what you are trying to accomplish, could you provide a more detailed description of what you want to do? What field(s) is/are to be passing conditional information? Will you be bringing in URLs via a field or will you be creating them inside the app?