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    Calculated Members

    Matthew Davis

      I have two main issues at the moment.


      I need my calculated members to filter based on date dimensions dynamically, currently I am hard coding this.

      I also need to write a more complex expression to maintain the underlying data.


      The data source is an SSAS cube. My date dimension is a hierarchy.


      ([Measures].[Expenses Amount Wwops],[Posting Date].[Calendar].[Year].&[2011])


      I am only looking at four time periods (LY, YTD, MTD, QTD) and I would like them to be dynamic. I recognize that this should be at the cube level and that is in the works but it could be months until I can make those changes go live in production.


      The other issue is this type of expression is summarizing the underlying data.


      I have same issue on another calculated member

      ([Measures].[Expenses Amount Wwops],[Cost Center].[Cost Centers].[AH00077 - Allocated Expenses])


      Is it possible to create a Calculated Member that will maintain the underlying data?