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    iPad app issue

    Vusi Nkomo



      I have dashboards that are published to a server. I can access the workbooks and interact with them through browsers (both desktop and iPad). However, when using the iPad app, I can log into the server, see all the published workbooks, but when I attempt to open any of them, it gives me a time out error. Any ideas as to what to look for, or possible things to try will be greatly appreciated.




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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Vusi,


          This might be a good one for our support team--you can send a request to support@tableausoftware.com


          To get a faster response and resolution, you may want to include the following information:


          1. When connecting to Tableau Server through the iPad app, please try adding http:// in front of the server name (or https:// if SSL is being used).

          2. What version of the iOS is running on the iPad?

          3. What version of the Tableau app is being used?  (You may wish to upgrade to the latest app version and confirm the behavior there)


          4. Screen shot of the error message you are receiving.