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    Color a field

    Buddy DILELLA

      I have a calculated field which is:

      ROUND(  NOW()  - [Last Modified Date] )


      Results are:


      Last MOD Days






      Now I  want to change the color on the value

      if [Last Modified Days] < 30  = Green elseif  [Last Modified Days] < 60 then Orange

      else Red end



      I am new at this and been messing around for 3 hours.  Any help would be appreciated...

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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Buddy,


          Does the following calculation work?


          if [Last Modified Days] < 30  then 'Green'

          elseif  [Last Modified Days] < 60 then 'Orange'

          else 'Red'



          If not, would you be able to post the packaged workbook (twbx file)? Or a screenshot of the calculated field box, showing the error messages?



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            Buddy DILELLA

            Hi Tracey...  I made the calculation you gave as COLOUR UP and move it to Mark - Color, It colors the last column (Drop) not the last modified days column. 


            I can't bundle because I use a database..  I can't print screen because I think it's to big...


            But it looks something like this


            PMID   Days Open    Last Days Modified   Drop

            ====   ========    ==============   ===

            123           50                  150

            444           10                      5

            345           35                    31


            Thanks for your help!!!!



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              Buddy DILELLA

              Hi Tracey.. I made an XLSX sheet to give you a flavor....   First I calculate the days for column F.  after the days are calculated I would like to color them.  Attached is the file...

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                Tracy Rodgers

                Hi Buddy,


                Can you put the Last Modified Days calculation on the Text shelf, and the created calculation on the color shelf? If you want the header to appear, create a calculated field that is a string with the desired output and place it on the Columns shelf.


                Hope this helps a bit!