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    Downloading the tableau workbook from server.

      Hi All,


      We are trying to develop a tableau dashboard application for a retailer. The application will have two different users:

      a) The folks in the head office who has access to the Tableau Server and Desktop

      b) Folks in the regional sales offices(North, East, West and South) with only Tableau readers on their machines. 


      We have about 30 different charts that we need to display on the application and they fall into 5 main categories like 

      inventory,profit margins, dealership information etc. So we have divided these 30 charts into 5 different dashboards and 

      used the tabs to display them.


      So here is the question: We have a specific requirement that users in the regional offices should not be able to see the

      data/charts for other regions. We would like to export/download the tableau workbook (i.e. .twbx file) for each regional office and 

      email them seperately. So when users open that .twbx file, they will be able to see the charts/data only for their region.


      How can we accomplish this? With the existing application we have, when we download a .twbx file, all the data belonging to 

      all regions is getting downloaded. How can I restrict the data download? 


      Please note that the users in regional offices are not always connected to the internet and do not have direct access to 

      the tableau server. So we cannot really use the "User filters" feature of Tableau.


      Any help with this is greatly appreciated.




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          Robin Kennedy

          Hmm, only way I can think of doing this is when you create the individual twbx files, you first amend the data extract in your data connection. When you perform a data extract, you can specify filters on the source using the popup menu -- so create one using Region = North, then save twbx, then edit the extract so that Region = East and create another twbx etc etc. The underlying data will only have the regional specific data in it.


          Then revert your master .twb back to using all data to upload to the server.

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            Hi Robin,


            Thank you. It accurately matches to my requirement.

            But here we have several(around 15) related views so, can use one view

            to filter among all other views to reduce time by not extracting
            every view with filters.