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    How to capture a packaged workbook's temp file path?

    Shawn Wallwork

      Each time a package workbook is opened, Tableau creates a temporary file folder on the user's C: drive and installs the file structure it needs under that folder. So data connections for packaged workbooks look like this:


      c:\temp\1tb5kif0nlsku911a81ot0rpeom3\Data\Datasources\Sample - Superstore Sales (Excel).xls


      The bold part changes every time the file is opened. I need a way to 'capture' this as a variable(?) so I can then substitute this into a URL action. Right now I can open the twbx (zip), store PDFs or Excel spreadsheets, in the data section, and use a Web Page object to bring up the file. Looks nice, works great! Would be great to include these resources in a packaged workbook without having to create a special website or server connection to hold these files. They would just be distributed with the packaged workbook, no need for an internet connection!


      Unfortunately that temp file path keeps changing and breaking the links. Any ideas, suggestions?





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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Shawn,


          Just for clarification, are the users on Tableau Reader or Desktop? Either way, the only place I've ever seen the temp file listed is within the Tableau logs. However, there's not even any way to figure out what directory Tableau is installed in, so I think you're out of luck. One thought would be to have a script that monitors Tableau's temp directory and copies files into a directory with a defined algorithm that could be used for the URLs in the workbook, I wouldn't know how to go about creating that, though.  It's a neat idea, though, and I'd love to be wrong!


          Something like this might be possible on Tableau Server where a script could go into the Postgres DB and extract the files to a separate folder and then make them available as permanent URLs, or monitor the temp folder, etc. Joe Mako's working on the first chunk of this process in this post: http://community.tableau.com/thread/119802



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            Shawn Wallwork

            Thanks Jonathan. I suspected this was the case, but I wanted to make sure before I posted it in the Ideas section. And to answer your question, ultimately it would be for both Reader and Desktop, but the Reader version would be most useful for us.