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    Google Maps - can I import road maps to Tableau



      This is my first time to the forum and I am a new user to Tableau.


      I am hoping please that someone may be able to help.


      I would like to use Google maps in Tableau so that when i plot my data points instead of just seeing a normal map  I can see roads and road names?


      If anyone knows how to do this I would be very appreciative if  you could please share with me how.


      Many Thanks,


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          Ian White

          Hi Liz


          Street and highway labels are available as a layer--see the map card on the right hand side of the map. Assuming you are at a high enough zoom level, check the box and you should be fine.


          Are you interested specifically in Google Maps or the ability to see road names (some/all)? Technically, Google Maps can be accessed by proxying a WMS server, but the results will be slow, inconsistent and this also contravenes the Google ToU. But have no fear! Urban Mapping offers native mapping to Tableau customers, meaning our map services tie directly into Tableau. We'll be giving more info to the community about hacking the tms, giving you greater customization, but that is recommended only for advanced users!

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            Hi Ian,


            Thank you very much for taking the time to respond. The layer that is available is great and gives me exactly what I need at this point in time.


            I was keen to show the road network and this option does that nicely and as per your suggestion when I am looking at a specific area of the UK the Zoom functionality gives me the ability to view the road labels.


            Many thanks again for replying with very useful information.


            Kind Regards,