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    Plotting state boundaries on TOP of displayed data

    james long

      I have some grid based data which I can display easily enough with Tableau. However because the data is a grid, it completely covers the state boundaries of the base map and looks like this:




      If I make the transparency of my data high enough to allow site of the underlying geo boundaries, the map quickly becomes impossible to read. What I really want to do is plot the state bounds on TOP of the data. Is this possible?


      I'm open to the idea of putting a shapefile on top of my map, but I've been unable to figure out how to do that either.


      My data source, in practice, is SQL Server, but here's a text representation of some data of the type I am trying to map.


      Thanks in advance for your help!



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi James,


          My best suggestion would've been to change the transparency, but this obviously doesn't work for you. Maybe @Shawn Wallwork or @Richard Leeke will have some ideas for you, as they are both good with maps. Otherwise, I would recommend placing this in the Ideas section of the Community!



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            Richard Leeke

            It should be possible to do a dual axis map, drawing the state boundaries as a polygon on top of your current map. Out course that means that you have to find your own source of state boundary data. There is also some slightly ugly stuff that you would need to do to reshape your data to do that - and you will end up with a lot of nulls that you have to hide somewhere.


            On my phone at the moment, will try to remember to dig you out an example when I get back online in a couple of days.