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    In Tableau Server, can I filter my dashboard to show ALL values of a field using a URL parameter?

    Mark Holtz

      We have a website that houses a corporate dashboard.

      Users generally want to see the data at a "REGION" level, or at a "CLIENT" level.


      We set up a "drill down" that holds more information about a few key metrics and that is published on Tableau Server.

      We set up the website so that it links to our Tableau Server workbooks and passes url parameters to Tableau depending on what item the user clicks on the website dashboard.


      e.g., the user might click on Payments for the "West" (which has a code of W) REGION and they would be taken to our Tableau site with this link:



      If the user clicks on Payments for a specific client on the website dashboard, say "New Jersey Client" (which has a code of NJC1), then they would be sent to our Tableau site with this link:



      But, if you do both of these links in succession (from the website dashboard), the underlying data source will be filtered for the W Region on the first pass, and then the NJC1 Client on the 2nd pass--but the NJC1 client is not in the W Region, so the result from hitting the 2nd link will be a blank screen.


      I know we can upload the workbook to the server with all filters showing All and then utilize the Revert url command/parameter:

      ?:revert=all&Region=W or ?:revert=all&ClientID=NJC1

      but I'd prefer to be able to specifiy the Region AND Client for every link.  If it does not apply, it'd be useful to be able to set the filter to "Use All."


      So (finally!) my question:

      Is there a url command or operator that tells a field filter to use "All" values?

      e.g., http://internalserver.com/views/WorkbookName/ClientViewName?Region=(All)&ClientID=NJC1

      The idea here is to force Client views to allow All Regions, and force Region views to allow All Clients...