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    Color by Measure Values

    Ed Kukec

      Hi All,


      I have some average and median calculations by different groupings that I'm trying to show in my dashboard. I am trying to color using a blue-red diverging color scheme so the higher the averages and medians the more red the cell becomes. There usually is no problem when I only allow single selection of a measure, ie average this or median that, but when I allow multiple selection and I show both the average and the medians in my table since the average and medians are very different and not really comparable it takes the minimum and maximum of both median and averages and uses this for the temperature gradient so to speak. What I really need to be able to do is almost like a color by pane or color by measure name so that each measure's minimum and maximum is calculated separately and used for the color gradient.


      Hoping this makes sense. Any help would be appreciated.