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    Extract data based on current filters

    Sam Pachoud

      Sorry, posting this again as I didn't select any topics last time.....first time user


      Hi Guys

      I need to get a few tips around setting up a workbook to query a table with a large number of rows. The idea is to use this Tableau workbook like a front end reporting type tool.

      I would like the users to open the workbook and then work through the dashboards in order, which get the users to try and reduce the number of records they need to query by selecting criteria which has been indexed on the underlying table.

      Once they get to the last sheet, they can see how many rows are left, and they can then:

      1. View the underlying data and extract to excel

      2. Extract the data to the client machine

      2. Extract the remaining data to a new workbook so they can then perform ad-hoc analysis

      My questions are, is there a smarter way to do this?

      Is there away to extract the data that is currently selected to a local extract? It seems when you try to extract data by going Data-->Extract Data it then asks me what filters I should apply. Is there any way to extract the currently filtered data to the local machine?

      Thanks guys

      Any help is much appreciated.