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    Editing workbook XML after publishing to Server

    Joe Mako

      I have a workbook with a number of dashboards, each connected to a different data source. All data sources have a Date field, and the contents of each data source changes each day, adding records for the current day, and remove the records from the oldest day, so the contents are always the previous 7 days. For each dashboard I have a quick filter on the Date field.


      Each day I edit the workbook and set the selected date to today's date, and re-publish.


      Instead of publishing each day, I am wondering if there is a way to edit the XML contents after publishing, with some sort of find and replace.


      or does someone have a better way?


      Something that I tired was a filter on a calcuated field like:


      IF [Date]-TODAY() THEN "Today" ELSE STR([Date]) END


      but that is very inefficient on many millions of records. I also tried using pass-through functions, but could not get an efficient query.


      attached is an example packaged workbook.

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