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    Granular Data and Custom Filters and Rules

    Patrick Dougherty

      So here is the problem: 


      I have a dataset of survey responses that I need to dashboard at several different levels,


      the School,

      the District and

      the State. 


      So I dump all of the granular teacher level responses into Tableau.  At the state level I want to be able to only toggle on and off, into separate distinct dashboards at the school and district level that have met a minimum response threshold - which I can flag both a school and district met threshold variable in the dataset.  To protect those schools that haven't met this threshold I need to be able to 'grey out when drilling down into the more granular levels i.e. school and district.


      Traditionally I would say filter those granular level responses out, but in doing so it makes the higher level - state/district dashboards inaccurate.


      It seems there must be a simple solution to setting rules based on the abovementioned flags I proposed - met threshold flag?


      Is there an easy way of doing this in Tableau?  Any help greatly appreciated.