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    Calculations involving incorrect aggregation of data, would like to remove a sub-sub-level of data



      I made a mock up of the problem i am having. I am curious about the approaches people have to circumvent this issue. I have 3 levels of data, order number, item description, and serial number. An order can have multiple items, and multiple quantities.


      What I am trying to do is group all the items to just the order number and item description. This constitutes a unique order entry in my book. However, my calculations incorporate the serial number into the calc; when i have 1 order consisting of 3 item of variable quantities, i want to exclude the serial numbers so the table below has 3 unique instances instead of 6.


      8/16/2012124505Eggshells LimitedMechanical Pencil30001-18/16/20121
      8/16/2012124505Eggshells LimitedMechanical Pencil30001-28/16/20121
      8/16/2012124505Eggshells LimitedMechanical Pencil30001-38/16/20121
      8/16/2012124505Eggshells LimitedPen50000-18/16/20121
      8/16/2012124505Eggshells LimitedPen50000-28/16/20121
      8/16/2012124505Eggshells LimitedPencil60000-18/18/20121



      This should result in 3 groupings, and the last line is the only "group" that is late, so it has an on time percentage of 2/3, 66%. What i get in tableau is 5/6 or 83.3%.


      Any help would be nice. Or if you are bored, say hello.


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