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    Multiple action filters using a Multi-Dimensional Data Source

    Tom Brant

      Good Afternoon,


      I have a dashboard with 2 bar charts and then a separate sheet with detail. The top chart shows Sales by month for 12 months and the bottom chart shows Sales by product and the separate sheet shows the sub product detail. On the dashboard I have an action that filters the bottom chart when you click on a month from the top chart. For example, click on July from the top chart and the bottom chart will show the Sales for July broken out by product. From there I want to be able to click on a product in the bottom chart and go to the detail sheet where it will show me the detail for the product that is selected for July. I can get to the detail sheet but it only shows the most current month. I haven't been able to pass multiple fields across to that detail sheet (Product and Date). Any suggestions? And just as a reminder I am using MS Analysis Services as my data source. I know there have been things you can do using a relational DB that you can't do using a cube.