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    Data Blending - Issues Combining Datasets

    Christopher Henderson

      Hi All


      I have two data sources, one Access Table the other an excel spreadsheet. Both of these sources have the field product number which is what I am using to link the data sources. The link works fine however I only wish to show a summary of the linked data. If I use the linking field in the view I either get very large table or overlapping text. Here is an example of what I mean.


      Data Set 1 - Fruit Sales


      Fruit ID

      Fruit Group

      Fruit Sales

      Fruit Quantity


      Data Set 2 - Fruit Cost


      Fruit ID

      Fruit Cost


      Required Output


      Summary of Fruit Sales and Cost by Fruit Group.


      As soon as I only look at the data by Fruit Group I loose the linking field and therefore the numbers, as before when I do add it to the details shelf I get the overlapping text.


      Is there any way around this?