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    Golf analytics

    Andy Cotgreave

      I'm a golf fan. In my case, it's Disc Golf. But whichever kind of golf you like - ball or disc, tournaments generate some amazing datasets. Just last week in the UK it was the 2012 European Championships and we saw almost 200 players from many countries compete. I got hold of the scoring data and created the following vizzes.


      The one below is my favourite. It shows how the leaders jockeyed for position throughout the four-round tournament. We can see that the winner, Simon Lizotte had a lead throughout the whole tournament. His score line goes down consistently throughout the event, indicating that he played extremely well and extremely predictably. Compare that to Oscar Stenfelt's line. He was sitting pretty in second place midway through the event, but it all went wrong towards the end of Friday, when he couldn't get a birdie. At the same time, Nybo and Ostling were hitting birdies and overtook him.


      There are a bunch of other tabs on the dashboard too. Click below to go to the interactive views. First of is the player detail - you can all players sorted by number of birdies/bogies and click on them to see their scorecards.


      Next we have the same thing, but for holes. What I like about this is that it shows just how tough the Euro 2012 course was - there wasn't a single hole that gave away a lot of birdies. And hole 1? Boy that was a brutal hole!


      Finally we can drill into much more detail of each hole. Here I've drawn a line for each division showing how many players hit birdies, pars, bogeys etc. You can view all holes. As you can see below, hole 1 was definitely brutally tough - most people bogeyed, and very very few people managed a birdie. Maybe the par was too low, or the hole was simply too tough?



      Well - I hope you enjoy those. Sure, this is disc golf, but imagine this applied to a PGA major, or the Augusta Masters, or the Ryder Cup!