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    Navigating Dimension Members

    Lori Wright

      I am exploring Tableau Desktop, comparing the end-user experience of linking to an OLAP cube versus SQL tables. The OLAP cubes seem to have the advantage of an easier navigation schema, in that hierarchies are enclosed within the appropriate dimension, and (in our case) non-hierarchy members are in folders.


      Is there a way to organize a large number of dimension members if I am pulling the corresponding information from SQL tables? I see that the dimension members can be tucked up within their table. But if there are many dimension members, may they be further subgrouped or organized to make it easier for the end user to find what he is looking for?


      The goal is to have a robust selection of reporting options which are easy to find, so the end user does not have to learn to modify his own data source. (Should I be looking at this from a different point of view?)






      Lori Wright

      DataSelf Corporation

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          This is actually quite easy to do - just drag-n-drop dimensions on their 'parent' to create a custom hierarchy.


          custom hierarchy.png


          But be aware that it will then behave like a hierarchy, i.e. parent dimension, when used on the sheet, will also have the little '+' sign on its pill to allow users to expand the tree with a click. So if the hierarchy members are not related in any way and just bundled together to save space, it may cause some problems.

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