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    Limiting sorting to one response category



      I'm working with survey data and am currently trying to sort a sheet of questions by the highest percentage of agree or disagree responses. I used the Tableau excel add-in to reshape the data, and now have my questions in the rows shelf with SUM(Number of Records) by percentages of each row in the columns shelf. I'm using a stacked horizontal bar chart, and responses to each category are categorized into three different colors representing "disagree," "agree," and "neither agree nor disagree."


      I'd like to be able to just press the sort button and have Tableau sort the questions descending by the highest percentage of "agree" responses. However, when I try and sort (both by using the quick button and the full sort menu), I can't seem to make it sort by an individual response category. It only seems to be sorting by something about ALL responses to each question (I think it may be sorting by the highest number of total responses for each question).


      Anyone have any ideas as to how to have Tableau sort by one response category? Thanks!