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    Report not refreshing on Embedding to email message / while saving using get command


      Hi All,


      I have some tabcmd scripts that help embedding views and publish the same and send it on email.


      One of the views is not refreshed before sending.It is fetching old views or the new view randomly everytime the get script is run. It shows the correct data when browsed on the server. But when I run the script to embed it on email and share it is not publishing the latest view.


      Please help on how to fix this issue.


      The commands in use are:


      SET APPDATA=c:\tsi.portal\tmp

      "C:\tsi.portal\tabcmd\extras\Command Line Utility\tabcmd.exe" login -s http://website.com/ -u username -p pwd

      "C:\tsi.portal\tabcmd\extras\Command Line Utility\tabcmd.exe" get /views/Report/Rep.png -f "C:/Report/rep.png" --timeout 90

      "C:\tsi.portal\febooti\febootimail.exe" -SMTP  -PORT 25 -AUTH AUTO -USER abc@company.com -PASS *** -TO "abc@gmail.com" -FROM "bcd@gmail.com" -SUBJECT "Latest report" -HTMLFILE "C:\Report\Report.html"

      "C:\tsi.portal\tabcmd\extras\Command Line Utility\tabcmd.exe" logout



      "C:\tsi.portal\tabcmd\extras\Command Line Utility\tabcmd.exe" get /views/Report/Rep.png -f "C:/Report/rep.png" --timeout 90


      This command is fetching old and new views randomly before embedding