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    Global Filter

    Ajit Kumar

      Scenario – I am creating a Dashboard which is a combination of 7 reports. I have a given 5 filters in this dashboard and they all are GLOBAL filter. In these filters I have given a filter of Month as well since it is a monthly report. One of the report out of the 7 report is a Table, where I am giving Monthly number and YTD(Year till date) number.


      Query/ Requirement – Since all the filters are Global in the dashboard, so when I am changing the Month from filter, it is also affecting YTD number. And after changing the Month filter I am getting the particular month number in the YTD place, which is wrong in terms of YTD number. The need is, If I change the other filters it should affect the YTD but only the Month filter should not affect the YTD.


      Please suggest the way around.