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    How to run through each if then statement in a calculation


      Hello everyone,


      I was hoping someone had a quick example of what syntax and diction is needed to run through each possibility in a calculation.


      I have a list of dates that correspond to steps in a process. I want to check which of these events are null, but there are 30+ events and its not really easy to see which ones are null.


      I tried doing an if... then...elseif...then...elseif statement, but the calculation stops when i hit the first null.


      If isnull(event1) then 1

      elseif isnull(event2) then 2... etc


      I want tableau to list all the occurances of which event is null. Although the steps are supposed to be sequential, (ie, if there is no event 4 then 5 and so on can't have happened), in some cases, the steps start in the middle of the process.


      can anyone help?