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    Missing data by publishing on server

    Serge GABRIEL

      Hello everybody!!!


      I have a big issue with Tableau, and I would really be happy if someone could help me!


      I created several dashboards on Tableau Desktop to track a project.

      The datasource used for the daschboards are Sharepoint lists.. These lists are connected to an Access file (new with Access 2010). This Access file is  used as datasource by Tableau.

      Until now, no problem and all is fine. Then, I want to publish this on Tableau Server (Server = computer in my office). When I publish this on the server, some visualizations  are empty!!! (just the axis with value 0)

      Support told me that it could be SQL Server authentification problem, but I don't understand because this publication is a trial: I am the only user and I am the Server administrator. There shouldn't be any problem on this side. I don't get it because I know it worked the first time I tried (before vacation). Nothings has changed since this time...


      Do you have an idea where this problem could come from? How can I solve it?


      I noticed these visualizations came from one of the data sources on the 5 available (all in one access file). I tried to recreate it (several lists which are joined), but the problem remains:...


      Thanks in advance for your help!!!

      Best regards;


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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Serge -


          I assume you're using Linked tables between the Access database and SharePoint? Are these the only tables (linked tables to SharePoint) which don't show up in your reports?


          You could test out the "authentication theory" by building a local table inside the same Access database and putting some sample rows in it. Build a test viz against this table, and see if rows show up in the viz when you publish it to Tableau Server. If they show up, then it sounds like credentials could be an issue.


          Another thing to try - What Windows Domain account is the Tableau Server service running under?  It might be interesting to switch this account to one (like your Admin account) that you're sure has permissions on the lists you want to return data from.


          I'm not an expert on this stuff, but I suspect that somehow the authentication between Access and SharePoint is somehow broken when you're reading the Access database from Tableau Server.

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            Serge GABRIEL



            Thanks for your reply.


            I don't know what Windows account is running under Tableau Server (I guess mine, but Active directory is put in grey on the configuration window, but filled in with login and passwords). I will ask tomorrow the IT Support of my company to temporarly give me the Admin rights on the computer used as a server and test it.


            But the strange thing is that there are 5 different data sources using access and linked to sharepoint and all the others are working perfectly fine!

            So I don't think a test will be usefull because I already know that it works...


            This is extremely strange!


            Best regards

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              Serge GABRIEL



              All good, problem is solved!!!


              It wasn't a problem of authentication but a stupid problem of data type.

              A measure "number" in the Sharepoint was considered as "String" by Access (no idea why) and then impossible to display on the server.

              The strange part is that Tableau Desktop was able to display it but not Tableau Server. I re-created the concerned column and update the list on access.... Now all is good!


              Thanks for your help anyway!


              Best regards,


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                Russell Christopher

                Never would have thought of that!