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    setting a parameter with tableau server

    Steve Wexler



      I would like to pass a parameter to a parameter control in Tableau Server. 


      I know the syntax for setting a filter, but I would like to do the same thing with a parameter.


      The parameter name is "SelectStudent" and I want to give it the value of "1234 - Kramden, Ralph".  The URL I am using looks like this:




      Is there any additional syntax I need to set a parameter verses a filter?


      Thank you,



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          Mark Holtz



          So are you encountering a problem with that?  Could you share your workbook or a screenshot or anything?


          As far as I can tell, what you have is correct, assuming that there are no fields in your underlying data with the same name as the parameter.

          If you have a parameter in Tableau called "SelectStudent" as well as a field in the data called "SelectStudent" I do not know which one Tableau would apply the url parameter to on Tableau Server.  If that is your issue, perhaps just rename the Tableau parameter...


          When I want to pass url parameters in as filters, using a Tableau parameter, I usually create an additional calculated field in Tableau to add to the filters shelf:

          IF [Parameter] = [DataField]

          THEN 'Show'

          ELSE 'Filter'


          (set the filter to "Show")


          Additionally, there is a nice list of url functions your can utilize here:


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            Steve Wexler



            Thanks for piping in.  As far as I can tell, the syntax I was using *should* have worked.  I was actually passing a calculated field that combined values from several fields.  I simplified it to just use an ID field.


            As for the additional calculated field and filter, I use this


            [Select Student]=[Studend ID]


            and then set this to "True".