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    how to set date axis to match column date

    Matthew Brown

      I have a date on the column shelf for a trend line, using an "exact date" format.  I have a metric that I'm trending. Why doesn't my horizontal axis for the date match with the exact dates I'm reporting on?  They list beginning of month dates.





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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hi Matt,


          I'm guessing that the Date field on the Columns Shelf is a green (continuous) pill. When you do that, Tableau draws an axis and sets the tick marks based on something I'm not totally sure of, I've been thinking it's the first date and time in the data. Also, for continuous dates, Tableau will choose the axis range to be slightly larger than the data, to create some white space between the edges of the view. To fix either/both of these, right-click on the axis and choose Edit Axis... In the General tab you can set the axis range, on the Tick Marks tab you can fix the tick mark origin to be what you need it to be.



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