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    Think Data Thursday #3

    Tracy Rodgers

      Hi All,


      It's time to start thinking about what we want to discuss in our next Think Data Thursday. Our last two sessions were a great success with table calculations and if you missed them, you can find the recordings here (http://community.tableau.com/thread/119212 ; http://community.tableau.com/thread/119328 ).


      Let's get a new topic going for the next session! A couple of my ideas would be:


      -data blending

      -background images



      We're going to make the decision on Friday about which topic we'll talk about, so submit any ideas/requests and let's have another successful meeting!


      The next TDT will be August 30 at 11 Pacific time.



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          Shawn Wallwork

          Tracy, thanks for keeping this TDT thing going!


          My 2-cents:

          • Data Blending (including Custom SQLs) is high on my list!
          • Actions would be nice, if there are some advance techniques (?), (I think most of us are treating TDT as a 'Master Class' so I'm thinking it needs to be some Jedi action tricks/insights!).
          • Tracy, you know I am personally a big proponent of pushing the envelope on b.g. images, but at the moment they are a bit broken, so this might be better left for latter.
          • I would suggest 'formatting', but I suspect this is being reworked even as I write this


          The Tableau Calculated Fields Language!


          This is the thing I find most mysterious (undocumented) about Tableau.  Recently someone asked on the forums what language Tableau used for calculated fields; essentially the answer was, "their own". I just had the wonderful opportunity to watch Joe Mako deconstruct (and reconstruct) one of my workbooks! He used a lot of field/table calculations and syntax that I never knew were possible. Other than trial and error, how would you know that 'NOT' works? Or that != works the same as <>? Or that the Boolean field you just placed in an IF statement doesn't have to be declared equal to anything to produce a result?


          Tracy, I guess my vote is for a TDT on Tableau's calculated field syntax/language.



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            Dustin Smith

            So many good ideas to choose from.


            Shawn - A calculated field syntax/language breakdown session is a great idea. I'm actually thinking it might even be really fun to rope in one of the developers here at Tableau for a discussion like that.  Not sure I could arrange that by TDT #3 though.


            The advanced session on actions, however, could be reaaaaaalllly cool and is definitely something that could happen by next Thursday.  There are some Jedi tricks floating around that I'm not sure have ever all been collected and talked about in a single agenda.  It would be neat for me and Tracy to come to the table with the ones we know & love and likewise ask for everyone else to bring there favorites.  Talk about a master class!



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              Jonathan Drummey

              I like all the ideas so far... data blending would definitely be a good one, having something on how to get around needing the blend to be at a finer level of detail and then using calculated fields to generate results at the desired higher level would be good.


              Performance tuning is another area that I think could be a useful discussion.

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                Jonathan Drummey

                I just replied to a forum post on the very issue of data blending and thought I'd clarify, here's a post from June about using table calcs to do the aggregation when a finer level of detail is needed in the blend:



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                  Jennifer Chin

                  Hey Tracy,

                  My vote is for calculation syntax, but if more time is needed to put that together I am intrigued by the possibility of advanced options - especially if these are ones I haven't seen before


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                    Michael Cristiani

                    +1 on the data blending discussion Jonathan presented here.


                    Peace and All Good!



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                      Tracy Rodgers

                      Hi All,


                      I think we're going to go with Actions--Tips and Tricks for next Thursday. If you have any workbooks that you'd like to share, you can send them to me (tfitzgerald at tableausoftware.com)  so that we can have them all in one centralized place or just prepare and have them ready for Thursday! Dustin Smith, Jeff Rice  and I are going to compile a couple of the ones we have, but we'd love to get/learn more from the community as well!



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                        Tracy Rodgers

                        Hi All,


                        The registration for our third TDT is up! It can be found here:




                        If you'd like to share a workbook or tricks, feel free to send them my way or have them prepared and I'll pass control over to you during the session!


                        See everyone Thursday!



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                          Jonathan Drummey

                          Hi Tracy,


                          Is the recording for the third TDT available yet?



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                            Shawn Wallwork

                            Morning Jonathan,


                            There's a new 'Group' called Think Data Thursday, she stuck it there.



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                              Jonathan Drummey

                              Thanks, Shawn!

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                                shohan shetty

                                Hi Shawn. I was looking through the TDT link, but looks like the last two videos are the only one's available to view/download. The earlier one's aren't accessible. Any ideas how/where I could get my hands on these ?