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    Can I filter a list first dynamically and then get a dependent table to show top 5 from that list?

    Nayana Wagle

      I have one table that lists the Lines of Business (LOB) and another table that shows the list of defects in the organization. I have set up a filter such that when I click on an LOB in the first table, the list of defects shows only the relevant defects from that LOB.


      Now if I want to show the Top 5 defects by LOB in the defect table, what should I do?


      If I were to filter on the defect name in the defect table, and display top 5 via the "Top" tab on the filter menu, this is what happens. I end up getting a list of top 5 defects in the whole organization and when I click on the name of a LOB, it shows defects from WITHIN those top 5 across the organization. But I want it to first filter on LOB, then take top 5 defects within the LOB.


      For example, if these are the LOB- Defect combinations across the org, in the order of defect size,

      LOB A = Defect 1 = Rank 1

      LOB A = Defect 2 = Rank 2

      LOB A = Defect 3 = Rank 3

      LOB B = Defect 4 = Rank 4

      LOB B = Defect 5 = Rank 5

      LOB C = Defect 6 = Rank 6

      LOB C = Defect 7 = Rank 7


      Currently with my settings, Tableau shows me only Rank 1-5 in the Defect table and if I were to select LOB C, the table would be blank. Instead, when  I select LOB C, I want to be able to see Defect 6 and 7.


      Is there a workaround?