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    Workbook can't find server located TDE source file when opening the workbook from the Desktop > Server > Open Workbook... option

    Rhys Newell

      We have a client that can't access their Server based tableau data source when opening the Tableau workbook from the Desktop> Server > Open Workbook ... menu.


      Whilst the Desktop application can see the required workbook on the server, when opened, the workbook can't locate the data source.


      I have noticed that when trying to locate the data source the location of the server , which is grayed out and I can't change, refers to HTTP rather than a HTTPS location.


      I'm guessing this is a server setting that we that we need to update ?


      The work around I found is that if we download the workbook from the server and then open it and login to the server, the workbook locates the data source.


      Any advice would be appreciated


      Thanks Rhys