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    Mapping Canadian Locations

      I'm in the process of mapping primarily U.S. cities via zip code, but do want to add several spots in the Toronto area.  There are no zip codes in Canada, only what they call postal codes, which Tableau doesn't seem to be picking up when I input them.  Is there a remedy for this?  Thanks.

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          Shawn Wallwork

          Ron, Tableau recognizes only 3-digit Canadian postal codes, so if your's are 7-digits (including the space) you'll need to trim them down. Also, since you're mixing countries, you'll need a 'Country' field so Tableau doesn't get lost. Here's the calc:


          IIF(LEN([Zip])=7, LEFT([Zip],3), [Zip])


          Put it in a calculated field, and then give it a geographic role of "ZIP Code/Postcode". Last you'll need to 'Edit Location' and switch from the default 'Fixed' to the 'From field' using your Country field:




          See attached. Good luck.



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