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    Packaged workbook opens as blank

    Chris Tsui

      Hi All,


      We recently packaged a workbook that used a local .cub file as its data source


      I'm able to open the packaged file in Reader & Desktop (expected) on my machine (I developed the report)

      My Manager is also able to open in both Reader & Desktop


      We have a generic computer that only has Reader and it opens the report (with no errors) but all the worksheets and dashboards are blank, showing only a paramerter that I had created


      I copied the local cube file along with the report to the generic computer, but this dosen't solve the issue

      I opened the local cube file in Excel on the generic computer so I don't think its a driver/cube issue

      I logged in as myself, so all the rights I have while on my desktop should be on the generic


      The only thing that we've been able to think of is that there must be some priveledge/file/setting/common file that Tableau Desktop affords the reader when they are both isntalled in the same environment that allows for the packaged workbook to be read vs. having just the Reader when dealing with local cubes.


      I know using external data sources don't work with the reader, but from the knowledge base articles I have read it seems like packaged workbooks work with local cube files?  (http://onlinehelp.tableausoftware.com/v7.0/pro/online/en-us/save_savework_packagedworkbooks.html)


      Any suggestions on this would be much appreciated!

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          Mateusz Pempko


          Have you checked if that generic computer has the newest version of Tableau Reader (compatible with your Tableau Desktop version)?

          Just recently I had the same problem with blank worksheets in Reader and updating program to the newest version helped.




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            Russell Christopher

            ...and I wouldn't rule out a driver problem quite yet. It could be Excel is opening the .cub file with a different version of the SQL Analysis Services driver than the one available (or not) to Tableau.


            It could be instructive to open the latest log.txt file in \My Documents\My Tableau Repository\Logs folder to see if there are complaints about a driver or some other issue. I'd recommend you clear out the contents of this folder before you open Reader and the TWBX so you have a single, small file to peek at.


            Good luck!

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              Chris Tsui

              Thanks all for the help!  Sorry for the delay (I was on a nice long vacation!)


              We were able to determine that it was actually a driver problem! (Kudos Russell)  It turned out that I was running Excel 2010 when creating the offline cube, where as our other machines were still on 2007.  We installed:

              Microsoft Core XML Services (MSXML) 6.0 SP 1

              Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Analysis Services OLE DB Provider


              And things started working fine!


              Thanks for the suggestion for looking into the log which helped us locate the driver issue!