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    Sum Call Volume Between Dates Ranges


      My tableau workbook is connected directly to a SQL server. I have one TFN assigned to multiple ActivityIds through out the year. (as you can see from the picture below.) I am trying to write a calculation in tableau that will sum the call volume between Day of UsageBeginsDate and Day of Date ReturnedToPool for each ActivityId.




      I've tried a few cohort calculations but ended up having to write a calculation for each ActivityId. Id like one calculation that I can drop into the worksheet and it would sum all call volume by date ranges by ActivityId.


      I will be uploading the workbook later on this evening but in the meantime any help would be awesome. Thanks.

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          Jonathan Drummey

          Hello Kyle,


          I'm not clear on what is the dimension or measure you are trying to count or sum? In general, if you are trying to count a dimension, then either that dimension should not be in the view i.e. not on the Rows Shelf, Columns Shelf, or any of the Marks Card shelves, or you will need to use table calculations. Posting a packaged workbook with sample data is generally the most useful way to help get answers to questions like yours.