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    Issue Getting Text Fields to Show in Text Tables

      Hi Everyone,


      I am new to Tableau and have been playing around with Tableau Public. I am having issues with text fields returning as "null" in my text tables as seen below:

      Tableu Issue.jpg

      I just want to display in those null fields the raw data from the excel regardless of it being a word or number. I have tried changing the data type, but not sure what to do. Any help would be great or if this has already been brought up point me in the right direction!




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          David Roers

          If what you think is a numeric column has nulls or any non-numeric characters in any row, Tableau assumes it's a dimension.  In addition to changing the data types for these fields to numeric, drag the fields from the Dimensions pane to the Measures pane.  Because your existing viz won't recognize the change, you'll probably want to just re-create the viz after making the change.