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    How do you create 'contains' groups?

    David Murphy

      I am trying to create groups within a URL dimension based on a grouping rule based on what's contained in the URL, which automatically ingest new URL fields when the data is updated.


      • Group all URL dimensions together that contain
        • finance.com.au into a Finance group
        • sports.com.au into a Sports group


      As the data is updated each day, the groups should be able to ingest new URLs that contain these set grouping rules.


      In my data set there would be no overlap via these grouping rules e.g. a single URL couldn't contain sports.com.au and finance.com.au at the same time. Is there a function/equation to generate these groups essentially? As right now I have to manually un-group and re-group the URLs based on this logic each day.


      Many thanks in advance!