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    How do I convert a table to a Top 10 list (Part 2)?

    William Weaver

      I have created a table that displays the total number of trips taken between local cities during the first half of 2012. Now, I need help reducing the list of trips to just the Top 10 city to city combinations. When I posted this question originally, I had separated the data into two worksheets, one for the top destination cities and one for the top origination cities. The solution provided by Tracy Fitzgerald helped me to limit the list of cities in each worksheet to just the 10 cities.

      Now my goal is to merge both lists of cities (origination and destination) into one worksheet and only display the combined Top 10 intra/intercity routes. After some trial and error and advice from Tracy, I created a set to merge both worksheets into a master list of city to city routes sorted from highest to lowest by a trip count. I have not, however, figured out how to convert this master list into a Top 10 list. Any helpful suggestions would be most appreciated.


      I have attached a packaged workbook of my efforts if anyone wants to give this challenge a try.


      Thanks - William