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      Is it possible to automate Tableau like you can with microsoft products?


      I am hoping to be able to open a file, update it by amending filters, exporting reports and then saving and closing the file


      Can I? or should I look elsewhere





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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Steve,


          If you are talking about Tableau Desktop, when a workbook is opened the data can be refreshed, filters can be amended and the reports can be exported--then saving and closing the file will save the last work that was done to it.


          Hope this answers your question!



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            Hi Tracy,


            Sorry yes, the product it Tableau Desktop.


            Is there any functionality to carry out those steps, (update, export etc) without user intervention?


            As an example I have a MS Excel spreadsheet that on opening updates, prints, saves and then closes without me having to do anything, I can also set a task within windows to open it, therefore I dont even have to be in the office for it to run.





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              I'd also like to run some repeated tasks automatically - like producing an export of the view definitions by copying the Describe output to the clipboard and pasting it into another document. Is this possible using an API which exposes these commands to a plug-in or external standalone script?

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                Russell Christopher

                Hi Steve -


                No - Tableau Desktop can't be automated in this fashion. Sorry.