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    User input as parameter or filter

    Allison Suarez

      I'm not sure how this is going to work, but I am hoping someone else has been successful with this.  So here goes . . .

      I have a list of customers that I want my end users to be able to search using either an ID, the name, or a zip code.

      I think that by using a parameter in combination with a wildcard search and possibly some dashboard filter actions it would then allow for free text to be entered and a search (filter) performed.


      Example: Ability to search for a customer by ID, Name, or Zip Code

           Question to user:  How do you want to seach?





      Depending on what they choose, an input box would open.  The user would enter an ID, name or zip and that wildcard filter would be applied to that field in the source data.  Maybe that needs to be the other way around . . . enter text then select the ID, name or zip from the parameter? 



      Is this even possible?  I haven't built the dashboard yet so I don't have anything to share.

      Thanks for the help!