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    How do I put compound growth and current time period alone on one view?

    Nir Soffer

      Hi everyone!


      I'm trying to get a view going that would essentially look like so:



      Number of widgets sold these past two quarters

      Compound Growth for the past 4 quarters


      It seems that the only way I can have compound growth is to keep all the quarters in the view? So I would have to have a table calculation and then somehow filter all but the last quarter out? Is that possible or do I have to do that manually later?


      To reiterate - I'm not interested in seeing all the compound growths quarter over quarter, the entire point of a compound growth is to "Smooth" over the last quarters. I all I want to see is the compound growth from Q1 to Q4 without seeing the compound growth from Q1 to Q2 and Q1 to Q3 in between.


      Any thoughts?