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    In Tableau Server, can I hide the ability for a user to return to "Workbook" page? Please help ASAP

    Mark Holtz

      We have an external application that uses Tableau as a drill down tool.


      The other application will direct users to our Tableau Server site and pass along certain parameters into the Tableau workbook to filter the data.

      However, once "inside" a view of the Tableau workbook, we want them to be able to navigate to the other worksheets/tabs, but NOT to be able to return to the Tableau Server interface as is enabled by the TS control "ribbon" at the top of the screen.


      See my screen shot for exactly the link i'm talking about. (#1 indicates the link that takes users back to the Tableau Server interface.)


      I know I can hide the "control ribbon" with that Tiny Triangle (marked #2 on my screenshot), but I want to hard lock users out of that.

      Assume that we can hide the address bar (the other app controls the url destination).


      Please help,

      We are supposed to launch a version of this external application today for some clients and we want to make absolutely sure they can't get to the Server interface screen because if they do, they can go to any of these "Drill Down" workbooks and go into them NOT from our external tool, but through Tableau Server, and when they do that, they see the data without the url parameters defined by the external tool. (Tableau shows the views as they were when they were last uploaded to the server).


      We really don't want to have to do row-level security by adding user filters...