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    Filter and data customization for Tableau Reader users

    Jason Back



      I have a dashboard that I need to publish to other colleagues in my company.  I want to customize filters or data so that only certain individuals can see certain data.  (Unfortunately I don't have license for server yet, I believe that would solve my issue in terms of managing people's data access levels).


      I will be creating a number of different cuts of packaged files and data will be updated a weekly basis. How do I customize this in my dashboard? so that everytime I get a new data all I have to do is referesh the data source.


      I know that Tableau Reader does not have editing fuctions on workbook.  I have attached an exmaple: what I would like to do is to create another two pacakaged files without adjusting/deleteing things from the data source:

      - One for only able to see Canada in the country filter

      - One for only able to see US in the country filter and East in region filter.


      If there are solutions, I would really apprecaite it.