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    Extracts of a Tableau Data Server connection


      Hi All,


      I have created a Tableau Server Data connection (to a SQL Azure database) that contains data from several different countries.

      This Tableau Server Data connection is refreshed every night.

      I have multiple workbooks (one for each country) that connects to this Tableau Server Data connection


      I need to be able to:

      1. Let each Tableau Server user to download each country workbook and open them in Tableau Reader (due to limited Internet speed in our region, all workbooks are analyzed via Tableau Reader rather than online).
      2. Have each country workbook to only contain the extracted data of the specific country.


      When a workbook is downloaded it is a .twb file and I cannot open them in Reader.

      From each workbook I cannot extract the data from the Tableau Server Data connection to only include each country data. It forces me to use "Country" as a hidden Quick Filter (not very practical).


      Can this be achieved?


      Thank you for your help



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          Tracy Rodgers

          Hi Thierry,


          Currently, this capability is not possible. It is a good one for the Ideas section though!



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            Matt Francis

            as you alread have mutlple workbooks for each country why not create an extract for each workbook, publish those together and get those to refresh every morning?


            Or create a number of datamarts from the master extract on the server, save those to the server , get them to refresh after the master has refreshsed and serve the data to the workbooks.

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              Hi Matt,


              I often add calculated fields or change metadata (ex: alias) and do not want to repeat that process for every single workbook. So using a Tableau Data Server is ideal: I only need to change metadata/calculated fields once and all workbooks using the connection are updated as well.


              My post was sent when I encountered a bug (confirmed by support) in which I could not create an extract of a Tableau Data Server if the data source contained some complicated calculated field (for some reasons the data source got corrupted upon publishing).


              I haven't yet tried with other workbooks but I suppose that I could:

              - Create a Tableau Data Server

              - Connect all my workbooks to that Tableau Data source

              - Create extracts at each workbook level that would be filtered based on my "Country" dimension

              - Schedule refresh of my Tableau Data source

              - Schedule refresh of each workbook (with lower priority than my Tableau Data source and in sequential order).


              Would that work?



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                Matt Francis

                Thats the approach that i was thinking off. I would imagine that if you then changed a calculation or added more metadata to the master source, the "country" sources would see those changes too. Rather like a view on a database table.


                Not tried it myself though.

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                  Thanks Matt. If it works it would then solve a lot of issues: I could still download workbooks and open them in Reader (since they are extracts) and I would only need to change metadata at the Tableau Server data source to have them be reflected everywhere else.


                  I'll give it a try.