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    sort within hierarchy with duplicates

    Danielle Farrie

      I have a bar chart view that shows enrollments by county, district, and school. They are arranged as a hierarchy so that you can drill through to see the underlying data. I am having trouble figuring out sorting options. I want the user to be able to be able to use the quick sort buttons to change the sorting by enrollment. However, when the data is expanded, for example, to view districts within counties, and then sorted by enrollment, the sorting measure is out of whack because there are some districts that have the same names, but are located in different counties. As you can see in the screen shot attached, there are two Hamilton Twps, so when sorting by descending order it is summing both districts. I have tried to play around with sets, but can not figure out how to do it without disturbing the hierarchy capabilities. I also have unique ids for both district and school, but again, am not sure how to incorporate them without messing up the hierarchy. The same problem exists when expanding to view schools, as there are many schools with the same names. Any ideas?