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    Getting error while publishing workbook into server

    Avinash Patel

      Hi All,


      I am new to Tableau. I am facing difficulty in publishing my workbook. I was able to published 2 workbook which uses MYSQL datasource live connection, but when i try to publish my third workbook which uses TEXT file (vertical bar as delimiter) as datasource. I am getting this error below:



      Internal server error.

      Response code: 500

      Details from Server:


      Tableau Server encountered an internal error.

      com.tableausoftware.vizql.dll.TableauException: Unable to open the text file. Please check that you have specified the correct field delimiter and that you have access privileges for the file.

      Microsoft JET database error 0x80040E37: The Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the object 'table1_FBL1N_Openitems.TXT'.  Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and the path name correctly.

      The table "table1_FBL1N_Openitems#TXT" does not exist.

      Errors occurred while trying to load the workbook "CapgeminiPOC/extract". The load was not able to complete successfully.



      I have published both the datasource (MYSQL & TEXT datasource) & then tried publishing workbooks. Also anybody knows where to find tutorials for publishing workbook into server.


      Thanks & Regards,


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          Agustin Diaz

          Have you tried to save TEXT datasource to another format? Maybe xls format

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            Avinash Patel

            Yes, i tried converting TEXT datasource into excel & csv but i am still getting that error.


            I previously used a excel sheet as a datasource for other report and it worked, though i don't understand whether tableau copied all the data to server or is accessing to my local system. but report is working fine in server.


            If we check carefully in the error it says, delimiter is not correct or file is corrupted but then again why its running fine on tableau desktop & not able to publish the same to tableau server .


            Secondly, as i said, i have published excel datasource & its respective report to the server & is running fine, is in the same location with the TEXT datasource file, so no question of` `Access Privileges`.

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              Vusi Nkomo

              Have you tried creating a tableau extract of the data source and then publishing that? If that does not work then it means we will need to take a closer look at the desktop side...whereas if it publishes, then the issue is definitely on the server side.

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                Avinash Patel

                yes i tried that also , extracting datasource into Tableau datasource extract. Then also i was getting the same error.


                In all the cases, whether its TEXT, excel, csv or Tableau extract datasource i was able to publish the datasource

                but when i publish the workbook, tableau send the workbook to the server then it will try to run it & will give you a preview , that time it will give me this error again.


                I thought that there might be some configuration i missed, so i increased the data server process from 2 to 3 in tableau server. but it doesn't help.


                I think my last option is to added this TEXT data into mysql or any other database then try using live connection.

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                  Tracy Rodgers

                  Hi Avinash,


                  This error is most commonly encountered when a Tableau Desktop user publishes a workbook that uses a data source that is local to their computer or is otherwise inaccessible by Tableau Server.  Please follow the steps below to correct this issue:


                  1) Ensure you have placed the original data source file (in your case the text file) in a network location.


                  2) Verify that both the Tableau Desktop user and the Tableau Server 'Server Account' can access using a UNC file path.


                  3) Use this UNC path in the data connection for this file in Tableau Desktop.


                  4) Save the file in desktop and republish the workbook to Tableau Server


                  Hope this helps!



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                    Avinash Patel

                    Hi Tracy,


                    Thanks! that was helpful. In my scenario, i was using it as 'Connect Live' because of which Tableau server was not able to access the datasource text file which was in my local system & for other datasource like excel, i used 'Import all data' option because of which all other workbook was published without any error.


                    It was a nice work around, but while vigorously trying multiple options to publish that workbook. I tried installing Tableau desktop into the same machine as Tableau server (OS - Windows 2003 Sp3), in this case i was not even able to login to any of the tableau server user account through tableau desktop. It was kinda weird because when i tried with my machine.. i was able to login & publish the workbook.



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                      Rakesh Gupta

                      what is the resolution for this issue . we have a similar issue after SAML setup . the version we are using is 9.0

                      the server works fine but publishing to server gives the error :


                      cannot connect to Tableau Server. Please check the server name and port and try again.

                      • The issuer certificate of a locally looked up certificate could not be found
                      • No certificates could be verified
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                        Toby Erkson

                        The correct answer was by Tracy:  Re: Getting error while publishing workbook into server

                        The answer is also present in the original post