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    Text mining capability

    Philip George



      How can we perform textmining using Tableau? is it through calculated field?



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          Tableau has some relatively simple text processing functions that can be used in custom calculations, but the answer depends on what you mean by text mining. Do you have an example?

          If your data source support Regular Expressions, then some more complex text processing can be done there.

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            Philip George

            Hi Dimitri,


            I have customer helpdesk ticket data.which contains a column 'closing comments'.There the resolver will write the closing comments about the ticket.

            Is there any way to analyze the closing comments and categorize tickets  into different type of issue.There are some tools like splunk which can analyze text.

            Is there any way Tableau can help in this.


            Thanks in advance



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              Tableau doesn't have built-in functionality to analyse text like Splunk or Oracle Text, i.e. sentiment analysis and such.


              Tableau has simple built-in functions that might help, for example:


              IF CONTAINS('unsatisfied') OR CONTAINS('unhappy') THEN 'bad'


              You might also use RAWSQL_ set of functions in Tableau to outsource this kind of analysis to you data source if the source database can do it, for example using regular expressions.


              Of course both options are primitive compared to search-like Splunk or heavyweight stuff like Oracle Text.