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    Adding Average Reference Line Giving Incorrect Result


      Hello, esteemed tableaulites.


      I added a reference line but it is giving me incorrect information. What I want is the average for the pane based on number of passing and failing; what tableau is doing is averaging out the passing rates that were calculated from passing and failing numbers.


      Below in the circle, i have 2 passing and 4 failing results spread over 4 days.

                     Pass         Fail          Passing Rate

      Day 1          0               1                    0    

      Day 2          2               0                    100    

      Day 3          0               2                    0

      Day 4          0               1                    0


      I should get 33% (2pass out of 6) for the passing rate but i get 25% (averaging out 0, 100, 0, 0).

      wrong average.JPG

      Reference Line.JPG


      . Basically I want it to make an average passing rate based on passing and failing instead of an average of average passing rates...