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    HOW TO ?:  Do embedded passwords for MS SQL Server?

    Michael Cristiani

      This is probably embarrassingly simple, but so am I.


      So, here is the deal:


      • We have Tableau Server (named user) and are using multi-tenancy.
      • One of our users, who is not an Administrator, has publishing rights for workbooks to a specific site.
      • The workbooks in question rely on connections to a MS SQL Server database
      • Right now, when accessing the workbooks on Server after publishing, the user has to log in to the DB.  We don't want that.


      Our efforts so far

      • After opening the workbooks on Desktop, and having an Administrator log in to Server, we tried using the procedures outlined in kb.tableasoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/embedding-database-credentials-tableau-server. In Step 6 we always end up with the attached options for any of the data connections; "Embedded password" is never available.
      • The options that are available for authentication are Server Run As account and Impersonate via server Run As account. We don't see Embedded password or Prompt user as options.
      • When the data connections were established in the workbook when it was authored, the user used Windows NT Integrated security.


      What am I missing?  We want to embed the passwords for the database.


      Any help is appreciated.


      Michael W Cristiani