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    Navigating across different workbooks

    Nay Lin Soe

      Hello, I'm new to Tableau. Perhaps a similar issue has been discussed previously. But as I couldn't find any, I thought I would ask. I have got multiple workbooks with their own dashboards. My plan is to have them navigated from one dashboard to another as one drills down, like on a website. Is there any topic written dedicated to how this is done?

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          Vladislav Grigorov

          Hello Nay Soe,


          How about using the Hyperlink action functionality that Tableau has built in? You are able to fire the action from both a viz or a dashboard, and you also have the ability to include data from fields in your database into the hyperlink. This has one drawback as far as I am able to see: the target workbook always opens in a new window, hence you may end up with a ton of open instances of the same workbook.


          Hope this helps a little bit!



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            Nay Lin Soe

            Hi Vlad,


            Thanks for answering. Yes I have done that. The disadvantages of it are:

            1) As you have mentioned, it opens in a new tab. So doesn't really give you the feeling of a single piece with different screens.

            2) The URLs to the workbooks must remain fixed. Any change of name will result in URL change, and the links have to be manually updated.


            I'm wondering if there is any facility in the system that will take care of these.



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              Vladislav Grigorov

              Hello Nay,


              Unfortunately what you say is completly true, and the issues are beyond my level of competency. The only additional thing I could think of is to maintain the hyperlinks in the database and use the respective field in the action path. I am not sure is this would be useful in your case, but maybe someone else could advise better.


              Sorry I was not ableto help, and wish you good luck!